I am back!

After completing studies and rejoining for work at MPS, I decided not to blog. The other reason to not blog was to respect an individual’s advice, someone whom I highly regard.

A brief recap of the last 3 years in my professional life!

The last 3 years; one with the Police Academy and two with the Intelligence, had been the most hectic in my police career. Intelligence especially was the busiest and the most challenging area. The team there was the best I ever had in my long police career. For that I publicly extend my deepest appreciation to all officers and staff who worked with me in Intelligence. With their immense support, I am content with the contribution towards professionalizing that area which now is core to policing. Over the two years, we as a team managed to give MPS a more clear understanding on intelligence that is relevant to policing business. We developed systems, mechanisms, knowledge and people to make intelligence workable and contribute to MPS’s efforts in fighting crime.

Now that I am in a ‘not so busy’ position, I hope to write here frequently.
At MPS I am now responsible for leading the areas of people, training & education and ICT.

@milkcrab is my Twitter account in case you wish to follow!


One response to “I am back!

  1. Dear Mohamed Hameed,

    I read your blog and followed your on twitter.

    I admire your writing and your vision for a better institute.

    I was wondering if I could have your email contact details.

    thanking you

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