A police officer by profession, aspiring to progression.

Welcome to my weblog!

I am a police officer by profession and have been in it since 1995. Underwent numerous professional trainings in country and abroad, most notably at the National Police Academy in Hyderabad, India. During my service tenure I have worked in the areas of operational policing, training police officers and also the strategic development of Maldives Police Service with foreign consultants.

In 2009, I completed and qualified for the Master of Policing, Intelligence and Counterterrorism degree at Macquarie University, Australia. With this qualification combined with my 17 years of policing experience, I aspire to contribute to the professional excellence of Maldives Police Service.

On this platform I intend to address on contemporary policing issues in the Maldivian context and give insight to the areas of modern policing, intelligence, terrorism and counterterrorism. I dedicate this weblog to those police officers and people who believe policing in Maldives needs to improve. I highly appreciate  police officers who strive hard to deliver quality police services in line with the very principles of policing befitting to a democracy.

Other than academic and professional insight, I have included few personal touches to  make the weblog less boring.

I hope each one of you derive some benefit out of this page.

Postings, otherwise cited, expresses my own views based on professional and academic experience. This page has no affiliation to Maldives Police Service nor it reflects the views of the organization.

Thank you for visiting my page.

Mohamed Hameed


2 responses to “About

  1. I have known hameed for some time, in fact from very next day I joined the police. I have no vacillation to say he is one of the few officers I met over there to whom you can be trusted with your life, with your security and property.

    Surely there are other Officers like Atheef, Mannan, Ahmed Abd Rahman, Sujau, Samad and many other officers, but Hameed surely outstand from the mass.

    He is one of the finest police officer with high morel and ethical values, strong policing experience, credible academic background, professional training, vision to serve without own agenda and a very human civilized man in principal. I honor him who he is, and I wish him very best in his career.

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