MPS’ Operational Priorities for 2012

Strategizing the policing business got introduced to MPS in 2007 by a Western Australia Police Superintendent who was here on a one year secondment. Understandably and for obvious reasons the leadership during that time were too occupied in the operational front. The first Strategic Plan (2007-2010) was themed and crafted around building infrastructure and laying foundations to a democratic police set up. Both were imperatives given the early days after separation from the military and the democratization processes at the time.

In March 2010, I was fortunate to travel to Scotland and visit several police institutions there to learn professional practices in intelligence. Having benefited from the knowledge I gained over the years and a very useful travel to UK, I was determined to professionalize a business area in police. To achieve this, I put up a team of learned individuals, planned ourselves and got busy in reorientation.

Then came the time to craft a new strategy for the next three years (2011-2013). Didn’t take that big an effort to convince the leadership to seek UK’s assistance to develop our Strategic Plan. We sent three senior officers to the UK, trained them and with the assistance of the experts, developed a strategy for three years. This plan had a strategic assessment, identified priority crime areas/issues that affected public safety and security and also outlined management and governance priorities. In simple terms, it explained what RISKS are there to public safety and security, what RESOURCES we require and how we use those and how do we achieve and measure RESULTS. The Strategic Plan, its associated Action Plans and implementation mechanisms were simple. We had big plans to impact the crime environment through these and in 2011 spent a fair amount of time educating different levels in MPS on it.

Now that MPS has a new leadership, a new set of operational priorities have been announced; Drug Trafficking, Organized Crime, Violent Crime, Counter Terrorism and Road Safety. I do not see these priorities any different from the Strategic Assessment for 2011-2013 and the priorities it outlined. Once cross organizational action plans are put into implementation, we will have MPS systematically working on the priority areas and achieving results. Unlike the last two times, this year we have made police executives account to each operational priority. For becoming more efficient we will have to patiently wait for a time that allows a cut down in public order policing resources. Then only we could step up efforts in response, community focused and intelligence driven policing. Having said this, I understand that a lot of work being done in all fronts though not directed by cross organizational arrangements for the time being.

We all must keep in mind that during this difficult time it is essential that our actions are right in order to rebuild public trust and confidence in us.

You all are welcome to make comments here in regards to MPS’ ability to impact the crime environment we have.


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